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DEI & Affinity Space Schedule

There will be three meeting opportunities hosted by the ISTH Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee this year. This is an opportunity for those with shared identities and their allies to gather together, network with one another, share experiences and discuss how the ISTH and its members can better support you and your career. View the sessions below:

Introduction to diversity equity and inclusion in the ISTH affinity space session
Sunday, June 23 from 12:30-13:30 | Room 102

In this session DEI Committee members and ISTH council members, Mary Carmen Amigo and James Douketis, will provide a short introduction to the ISTH commitment to DEI, the current state of diversity, equity and inclusion within the society as well as current initiatives being undertaken by the committee including the organization of affinity spaces for groups from underrepresented communities. Following this, we will have some facilitated small group discussions so that participants can feedback their thoughts to the DEI committee on how DEI can be improved within the society, what affinity spaces they would like to participate and how these are organized in future, as well as other activities and initiatives they would like the DEI committee to run.


Reach-the World affinity space session

Monday, June 25 from 12:30-13:30 | Room 102

The DEI Committee invites members from Reach-the-World (RTW) countries (as well as current/potential allies) to come and discuss ways in which we can work to ensure that all activities and opportunities offered by the ISTH are inclusive to members regardless of which they countries they work in.  This session will begin with an interactive panel discussion in which the audience can ask questions on this topic to our invited panelists, Munira Borhany, Beng Chong, Mara Nunez Toscano and Theresa Nwagha. Our moderators from the DEI committee, Mary-Carmen Amigo and Ecaterina Scarlatescu will be there to help keep the conversation flowing.  Following this, participants will have a chance to engage in small group discussions with other members about their ideas on how we can make the ISTH more globally inclusive. Additionally there will be a chance to discuss how this affinity group will be led and what activities it will undertake in future to help support members from RTW countries both during and between congresses. 


Early career fireside chat: Maximizing the benefits of mentorship relationships 
Sunday, June 23 from 16:00-17:00 | ISTH Early Career Lounge (Exhibition Hall)

Following the successful introduction of the ISTH Mentor-Mentee Match program, this session will feature an interactive discussion considering how early career researcher’s can make the most of their mentoring relationships.  This session will involve an interactive discussion between our invited speakers, Omolade Awodu and May Anne Cheong, and the audience that will allow participants to share their experiences of mentoring, and facilitate reflection on how participants are able to harness this to improve their personal and career development.

Help us design future affinity spaces, by taking our short, 5-question survey here

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