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Please review the following information related to your presentation.

Presentation Date and Time

You may find your presentation date, time, and room location in the Online Program.

For State-of-the-Art presentations, you will have 20 minutes for your presentation and 5 minutes for Q&A, which will immediately follow your presentation. Exceptions apply for debate sessions.  


For Oral Communication presentations, you will have 12 minutes for your presentation and 3 minutes for Q&A, which will immediately follow your presentation.


If you are not speaking in a State-of-the-Art or Oral Communication session, please refer to your invitation or email for additional details.


Presentation Preparation

On May 31, you will receive instructions on how to upload your slide presentation online in advance of the meeting from our A/V partners.

You must upload or review your presentation at the Speaker Ready Room at least 4 hours before the start of your presentation or the day before for an early morning presentation. Please take note of the following:


  • Your presentation must be formatted in a 16:9 format, NOT 4:3. Presenting in 4:3 format may cause your presentation to be distorted.

  • You can upload your presentation in the Speaker Ready room (Room 101) using a USB

    • Friday, June 21 15:00 – 19:00

    • Saturday, June 22 07:30 – 18:00

    • Sunday, June 23 07:00 – 19:00

    • Monday, June 24 07:00 – 19:00

    • Tuesday, June 25 07:00 – 17:30

    • Wednesday, June 26 07:30 – 11:00

  • Personal laptops cannot be used for presentations

  • Comparison slides cannot be accommodated

  • You are required to complete your permission form and COI form prior to your presentation.

Presentation Format
You may upload your presentation in any version of Microsoft PowerPoint. Please remember presentations must be formatted in 16:9 format. You can download an ISTH 2024 slide template here. The ISTH 2024 slide template is optional, however, you are required to have a disclosure slide at the beginning of your slide deck.
Presentation Content
The ISTH must ensure that all content is free of commercial bias and influence. Please note the following presentation standards and ensure that your presentation is in compliance:

  • Educational materials, such as slides, abstracts and handouts cannot contain any advertising, trade name, product-group message or company logo.

  • When discussing therapeutic options, please only use generic names. If it is necessary to use a trade name, then those of several companies must be used.

  • Should your presentation include discussion of any unlabeled or investigational use of a commercial product, you are required to disclose this at the time of presentation.

Disclosure Requirements
All speakers will be required to provide a listing of their disclosures, per accreditation requirements, following their title slide. Your disclosure slide will be shown for 10 seconds prior to the beginning of your talk.


All speakers are also required to complete a permissions form (per presentation) and COI form (one per speaker) prior to their presentation.
Audio Visual Equipment
The following audio visual equipment will be provided in each session room:


  • Data projector

  • Projection screen

  • Lectern, table, and microphone

    Embargo Policy
    All abstracts are governed by International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis Embargo Policy. The ISTH Embargo Policy states: The information contained in the abstracts is embargoed until the abstracts are available online. Coverage of information that goes beyond that which is contained in the four corners of the abstract (e.g., additional analysis, commentary, or updated information from those individuals and companies involved in the study) is embargoed according to the following criteria:

  • For oral presentations: the embargo time is the start time of the session in which the presentation is being made.

  • For poster presentations: the embargo lifts when the poster session containing the poster opens for viewing in the morning (i.e., when the poster hall opens that day). 

​Abstract Availability
Embargoed text of abstracts will be made available on June 7 at 09:00 AM U.S. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), on the official online program. Prior to this, only abstract titles will be available online in May 2024.
Full text of Late-Breakthrough Oral abstracts will be released on the day that they are presented.
Thank you for your support of the ISTH. If you have questions about your presentation, please contact

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